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Lunch Menu

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More about our lunch program philosophy.

We try to be accommodating at Step By Step therefore our catered lunch is optional for families.You can always choose to bring a lunch from home if our lunch does not meet your family’s needs.

At Step By Step Montessori we’ve always worked to provide a lunch option that is nutritious, affordable and most importantly tastes good.Step By Step uses a catering organization that is exclusive to our program.Chef Mike has a wealth of experience in the restaurant, hospitality and the catering business. Chef Mike even worked for the renowned Wayzata steakhouse Giannis as well as for the Target Center where he was responsible for preparing thousands of meals per day.

We prepare about 700 meals per day. In most cases the meals are delivered to the centers daily. Chef has worked hard to improve our menu, not only the nutrition component but also the variety and taste.We follow USDA recipe guidelines for young children in the development of our meals. We purchase Child Nutrition based ingredients for our meals so you can be assured its high quality product. Most of our meals are made from scratch; this includes all of the sauces, stews and casseroles. We recognize that a lunch must be nutritious but the child must eat it to benefit from the meal so you’ll see us mix in favorites like pancakes, pizza and chicken nuggets.We also put things on the menu multiple times so the children become accustomed to eating a menu item. We provide serving sizes recommended by the USDA for the age of the child, we don’t want to overload the plate with too much of the main entree thus allowing the children to fill up on that item which allows them to skip their fruit and vegetables. The staff watch what the children eat and encourage them to eat their veggies too. We also try to provide meals that are affordable. At $2.75 per meal our price is considered pretty reasonable.We try to keep the price low for you. You’ll see that our menu begins the month with more casseroles and stews and you see more menu items with discrete counts later in the month.

Please help us manage this process by turning your menus in when they are due, which is the Friday prior to the last week of the month. We’ll continue to work on improving our menu and improving the quality of our catered lunch, one recent example is offering a vegetarian option. As always, don’t hesitate to provide feedback or comments to your Center Director. We talk monthly about our lunch program.