• Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Foreign Language

Our foreign language specialists visit our schools twice per week. Children develop an appreciation for different cultures and learn the fundamentals of either Spanish or French. Children absorb the different languages at an early age and we include toddlers in this program. Foreign language classes are included in our standard tuition. Compare our program using native speakers teaching conversation techniques to the children to other programs using a canned curriculum taught by the classroom teacher, who may or may not speak the language. Other centers may offer many types of languages in their program, typically they’re using memorization techniques e.g. flash cards as the basis for their language programs where the children may memorize a word but in most cases do not appreciate the art of the conversation.


Our Music specialist visits our schools and children have music class twice per week. They sing songs, work with simply rhythmic patterns and simple instruments. The children even perform in programs twice per year (Holiday and Spring time). Our Music Specialists are some of the best in teaching various music concepts including: singing, rhythm, beat, and playing basic instruments. We even get the toddlers in on the music class. The children love singing along with the piano. Music classes are included in our standard tuition.

Swimming (Summer Only)

This is an optional program at Step By Step and is available for children over 4 years of age. We partner with various community organizations or the YMCA. Again a nice option for parents since you won’t have to get in the pool.


This is an optional program at Step By Step and is available for children over 3. Ms. Missy is our Dance Instructor, she has been teaching dance forever and her special ways work wonders with the children as they explore the various dance methods. Classes take place during the day, which frees Mom and Dad from driving to classes on the weekend. We have a dance recital in May, a major production at Step By Step and an exciting time for our dancers.

iSteps Tablet Class

An optional program at Step By Step which is available to all preschool aged children. Our Technology Education Specialist comes to all centers once per week. Our program is based on the Apple iPad technology and works in concert with our Montessori curriculum. Each child has their own iPad to use during the program so no more waiting around for a free laptop.

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