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Testimonials for Step By Step Montessori

Step By Step has provided exceptional experiences for our children
“Step By Step has provided exceptional experiences for our children. Our daughter attended for 4 years and had a wonderful time, learning French in addition to developing academic readiness, and really enjoying the opportunity to take dance class at school. She increased her poise and self-confidence and was very sad to leave. We returned with our son and found 8 of the 12 Montessori teachers still there – that speaks volumes to the positive environment at Step By Step, for both students and staff. Our son has really developed strong verbal skills with the exposure to students and staff. He’s anxiously awaiting his 4th birthday so he can participate in field trips. We highly recommend SBS to parents looking for a high quality/high care environment.”

MK & Dave D, Step By Step Southdale Parents

Step By Step has been a part of our family’s life for the past 10 years
“Step By Step has been a part of our family’s life for the past 10 years. We are always greeted by a warm, caring atmosphere and have a great degree of trust that our children are well taken care of. The quality of education is great, and best of all our kids are happy.”

Steve & Debbie, Step By Step Brooklyn Park Parents

Step By Step has enriched our lives
“Step By Step has enriched our lives in so many ways it’s hard to put into words what they mean to us. The teachers and staff have given our children a wonderful individualized educational experience. But it’s the love, time and attention that our children receive that has helped them to develop the strong self-esteem necessary to have a successful future. My husband and I are eternally grateful for the kindness and caring that Debbie and her staff have given to not only our children, but our whole family. Without Step By Step I’m not sure where our family would be. Step By Step is more than just “child care”, to us they are family.”

Thank you,
The Tharps, Step By Step Brooklyn Park Parents

I have come to appreciate several qualities that separate Step By Step from other child care facilities
“For the past two years, my children have had the opportunity to attend to Step By Step Montessori schools, St. Anthony and Brooklyn Park. During our time at Step By Step, I have come to appreciate several qualities that separate Step By Step from other child care facilities. First, the quality of the school Directors is excellent. The Directors at St. Anthony and Brooklyn Park are very hands-on with the students, staff, and parents. They also effectively manage school programming, parent concerns, safety issues, and a never-ending list of important administrative tasks. The quality of Step By Step teachers is top-notch as well. The teachers execute exciting and educational programming while establishing tender and loving relationships with the kids. Whenever I have had a concern with one of my children, my child’s teacher has been a valuable resource in providing advice and feedback. I also appreciate the availability of outside programming offered by Step By Step, such as music, Spanish, dance/gymnastics, computer lessons, swim lessons, field trips, and other activities. These activities provide opportunities for my children to grow and learn, while making their day more interesting and fun. Step By Step has provided a wonderful learning environment for my children that, in my opinion, is wholly attributable to the high quality of the staff and their programming.”

Gina, Step By Step Brooklyn Park Parent

Step By Step has become a second home
“A second home was found for my 3 month old granddaughter when she began going to Step By Step. We can’t say enough good things about all the teachers and staff there. It’s easy to leave your child in an atmosphere where she is loved and well cared for. That you Step By Step for making it all so easy.”

The Family of Kendra, Step By Step Brooklyn Park

Our shy daughter has gained confidence
“When we started at Step By Step Montessori our oldest daughter was two weeks from turning 3 years old and our youngest was 16 months. That was almost three years ago. It was a smooth transition for our toddler, Allie. She had always been outgoing for her age and she loved Miss Shannon and all of the children, some of them are still her best friends today. However, our 3 year old, Emma, was so shy that it was much more difficult for her. She had always been extremely shy so starting in a new day care wasn’t easy, but she warmed up to her teacher, Mrs. Carol, very quickly. It didn’t take long before we started to notice major changes in her. Her confidence in herself started to increase almost immediately and she seemed more comfortable in social situations even outside of school. Shortly after we started, Mrs. Carol started telling us how Emma would speak up in circle time and talk about her show-and-tell items. Before being at Step By Step, I would have expected that children at a good preschool/daycare would learn the fundamentals, abc’s and 123’s. They learn all of that at Step By Step and so much more. I cannot believe all that my girls have learned. Emma, who just finished Kindergarten at Step By Step, can already read books to us and not just “See Spot Run” type books, but books that are for much older children. She talks about the planets, nature, animals, and knows math that we probably learned in 3rd grade. It has been so exciting to see all of the ways that our daughters’ experiences at Step By Step Montessori have affected them outside of school. Our shy daughter has gained confidence and our stronger willed daughter has learned the importance of self control.”

Kate B, Step By Step Southdale Parent

I felt confident that our daughter is in good, safe hands
“My daughter Reena is 3 years old and has been at Step By Step in St. Anthony since she was 3 months old. Step By Step has been a good choice of daycare for Reena from the start. Each room she has been in – infant, toddler, transition, and now preschool – has had a skilled lead teacher with stability at Step By Step, as well as responsive and attentive assistant teachers, with whom she has become quite connected. Not only have my husband and I felt confident that our daughter is in good, safe hands while we’re at work all day; we have been impressed with the types of varied creative and tactile educational activities offered – a variety that would be difficult to match at home! It’s clear that Reena’s learning new things on a regular basis at Step By Step in her comfort level and ability to interact with other children, friendships formed, and exposure to both children and teachers from diverse backgrounds. Although parting in the morning is periodically difficult, we have learned from observing Reena and understand from her teachers that such feelings generally are transitory, quickly replaced by distraction and fun. All in all, we’re quite satisfied with Step By Step and believe our daughter Reena has benefited in many ways from her time there. Soon we will be adding an infant son to the family and look forward to him joining his sister and the crew at Step By Step!”

St. Anthony Parent, Step By Step St. Anthony

Ameera’s experience at Step By Step Montessori has been a very fulfilling one.
“As a parent, I am happy to see that my daughter Ameera’s experience at Step By Step Montessori has been a very fulfilling one. Her teachers are very supportive and nurturing in their teaching style, and they make a conscious effort to attend to her individual needs. This, in turn, has instilled a strong and positive attitude in her towards learning. She enjoys her time spent, and likes the well-rounded skills she is learning through a blend of academics, music and foreign language.”

Aisha K, St., Step By Step, Anthony Parent

We are amazed by the things our child has learned at Step By Step Montessori
“Sending our children to Step By Step Montessori was one of the best decisions we have ever made for our family. We love the teachers and the stability and continuity of the staff. We love and are amazed by the things we have learned. And the close relationships my children have formed with other children are a model of the respect and caring that surrounds them. I really wish we never had to leave!”

Nancy R, Step By Step, Maple Grove Parent

Very happy and impressed with the quality of child care at Step By Step
“I have been very happy and impressed with the quality of care and instruction given to my children at Step by Step in the 1.5 years we have been there. The teachers are all very caring and tend to the children very well. The kids love to go to school each day. The activities are very broad, making the experience fun and educational as well. The kids excel in academic as well as social development. We love the field trips that they get to go on in addition to the variety of theme days they partake in. The level of instruction is more than I can give them. They love the music, dance, swim and foreign language skills that are taught through the school. The staff is very supportive and genuinely interested in the development and progress of our children and are also very good about keeping us informed as to how they are doing and what they will be doing in the future. I highly support the mission and program of the school and recommend it to anyone. I express a heartfelt thank you to everyone.”

Dave M, Step By Step, Corcoran Parent

We have had a marvelous experience at Step By Step Montessori!
“We have had a marvelous experience at Step By Step Montessori! Kyle has learned so much, we are so pleased. He is six now and in the Kindergarten program. He reads beautifully, can understand and perform all the math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide), knows the 50 US states and capitals, the presidents and foreign countries including the flags! We highly recommend the school, the teachers, and the director, Shirley Njaka.”

John & Susan B, Step By Step, Plymouth Parents

Very positive experience for our daughter
“Step By Step has been a very positive experience for our daughter. We are sad to see it end, yet we know that Step By Step has more than prepared her for her next school experience. The staff and school are well organized. The classrooms are so inviting. Parents are well-informed of evens and our child’s progress (successes and concerns). We also love and are always impressed with the music programs. They’re incredible! Our daughter loves her Spanish lessons also! The environment is extremely friendly and happy, and it rubs off on our daughter. She has nevernot wanted to go to school. We feel very lucky to have found Step By Step! Thanks for everything!”
Scott W & Jean A, – Step By Step – Plymouth Parents

Our experience with our two children at Montessori has been wonderful
“Our experience with our two children at Montessori has been wonderful. They have learned so much. I especially am happy about the inclusion of the Spanish program. After our daughter went to public school for Kindergarten, we have decided to keep our son at Montessori for Kindergarten. We were disappointed with her experience and we would encourage anyone to stay at Montessori for Kindergarten. We wish our school went past Kindergarten!”

Toni, Step By Step, Maple Grove Parent

We can’t thank you enough
“Dear Teachers and Care Providers of Step By Step Montessori of Chaska, We can’t thank you enough for what you have given to our daughter in the past few years – Safety and comfort, music, laughter, friendship and a powerful launch in the pursuit of learning. To Miss Jenna – for your gentle spirit that is incredibly comforting for new moms and dads handing over their babies for the day. Miss Deb – for your creativity and unflappable patience with exuberant toddlers. Miss Mary – for your magical ability to focus young minds and prepare them to absorb so much knowledge and sense of the world. Thank You. And thank you on behalf of our whole extended family, including aunts and uncles from afar rekindling our aging brains. Facts about weather, land formations, continents, creative rhymes, and songs. Than you for giving Maureen a sense of her country, she stunned our family and friends with her patriotic repertoire of the pledge, national anthem, and God Bless America at age three. Thank you for giving our daughter an introduction to her obligation of world citizenship as well with the Tsunami relief effort.”

Pam and Greg R, Step By Step, Chaska Parents

We are so happy with our experience at Step By Step
“We are so happy with our experience at Wayzata Step By Step. The Center Director and teachers work with us as a team to help our kids in areas of academics as well as self esteem and social growth. The school is very welcoming from the colorful paint to the friendly staff. The staff is great and communicating daily how our kids’ day has been. It’s comforting to have such trust in our kids’ school.”

Shelley, Step By Step, Wayzata Parent

We can’t say enough wonderful things about Step By Step’s staff
“First off, my family can’t say enough wonderful things about Step By Step’s staff, educational curriculum and incorporation of the Montessori philosophy. From helping us get Mitchell potty trained within 1 week (even through the night) to reading chapter books, we are amazed at how much he has progressed in the 3 ½ years he’s been at your school. In Kindergarten, Mitchell’s reading and math skills really excelled. He went from reading small simple words to long complicated words. He learned phonetics and about all the funny rules of the English language. With math, he went from adding 2 digit numbers to 4 digit numbers. When he started learning fractions, we were really impressed. Not only did Mitchell’s match and reading dramatically improve, but he wanted to practice what he learned at home. He also loves science and would share with us everything he learned that day. It takes a pretty special teacher to get a child excited about learning. After Frank and I attended Mitchell’s 1st grade open house, we were so grateful he went Step by Step for his Kindergarten. The 1st grade teacher shared with us their focus on reading, math and spelling. We feel confident Mitchell will one of the top kids in his class in these areas because of everything he learned at Step By Step. Social skills likes handling conflict, acceptance of other religions and cultures will be things he can carry with him for the rest of his life. Thank you for running a great program.”

– Jyotti, Step By Step, Wayzata Parent

I commend your Step By Step teachers for a job well done!
“I just wanted to commend your teachers for a job well done! We received Kyla’s MAP scores today. She tested in the 99 percentile in both Math and Reading! We obviously have Step By Step and Mrs. Rita to thank! Just can’t say enough about your teachers, your methods, your school, your leadership, and your philosophies.”

– Pat, Step By Step, Southdale Edina Parent