Infant Child Care Program

In the Step By Step infant program our first and foremost goal is to provide a safe, clean and peaceful child care environment. The emphasis is on stimulation and comfort for the very young child. Our philosophy utilizes an on-demand schedule which focuses on the child’s need, our caregivers respond to your child based on their schedule, except for diaper changing which happens as needed or every 2 hours. Multiple caregivers within the classroom ensure continuity of child care as opposed to only one caregiver watching your child.

Montessori is introduced even at this young age with a focus on social interaction in the room, eye contact and talking with the child during feeding. We also work on physical development focusing on core muscle strength via tummy time, work on rolling over, sitting up or reaching for things which all aid in large muscle development. All these activities provide for the opportunity for sensory stimulation which is critical for brain development. Sign language is incorporated into our program to aid in communication with the child. A wellness nurse visits our infant child care center monthly and ensures continued wellness practices.

Our Infant and Toddler Coordinator works with all our centers on new concepts and activities, we’re continuously improving our program and taking advantage of the latest concepts in infant development. In our child care and day care centers we feel music is important part of our program and our older infants are introduced to our music program two times per week. As the child continues to progress they are introduced to more Montessori concepts including self-directed work and circle time which promotes self control and concentration. Our older infants also get to experience nature and the changing seasons via walks outside. Every child in our infant program receives a daily activity sheet detailing your child’s schedule and activities that day. We use an application to detail your child’s schedule and activities each day, which you will have access to via your own mobile device.

Our infant program is very popular and we enroll months in advance. If you are interested in our infant program please submit a request for information and schedule a visit, even if you think it is very early for you. Starting the process early is better than finding that the program you really want is already full.

We offer our infant program at all 8 Step By Step Locations: Brooklyn Park, Chaska, Corcoran, Edina (Southdale), Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Anthony, and Wayzata. Call us today or fill out this form to schedule your tour!

Infant child care