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Preschool Math in the Montessori Environment

By Erin McFarlandMath in the Montessori environment is one of the richest subject areas. Maria Montessori was a great mathematician and scientist. She became one of the first woman doctors in Italy. She used this scientific approach to study…
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Two Common Misconceptions about a Montessori Classroom

Two Common Misconceptions about a Montessori Classroom by Sheri Papke 1) The classroom is too permissive, and the children do no productive work or;2) The classroom is too strict, and the children are not able to play or use…
Preschool children working on practical life
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Why Practical Life in a Montessori Preschool

THE ROLE OF THE PRACTICAL LIFE AREA IN A MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL AND THE IMPACT ON DEVELOPMENT OF 3 YEAR OLD Practical Life exercises very simply put are the exercises of everyday living. These exercises found in a Montessori preschool are those…