What is Global Citizenship?

Global citizenship is about being part of a growing world community. It is about choosing to contribute to making that world community a better place. In a Montessori community, children learn to envision the world with a higher sense of awareness, learning to form global connections. In a Montessori classroom, guides nurture this sense of world awareness through age-appropriate demonstrations that highlight the connections between local and global. Unlike traditional preschools, which may or may not have dedicated time to explore the concept of global citizenship, a Montessori preschool has global citizenship as one of its key components.

In a Montessori education, your child will learn global citizenship by:

  • Becoming part of a community that builds the foundations of a harmonious society
  • Understanding who they are as individuals as a part of the human species, a member of society, and ultimately as a citizen of the world
  • Developing a universal vision and appreciation of all life on Earth
  • Gaining exposure to different age-appropriate items of culture
  • Cultivating a moral responsibility to protect humankind from destructive actions
  • Learning how to successfully handle the issues that our modern world faces in a peaceful way

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