What is a Montessori Guide?

While researching different Montessori schools for your child, you might have come across the word “guide” and wondered what it meant. In Montessori schools, teachers are referred to as guides because they do so much more than simply teach.

At traditional schools, teachers usually stay at the front of the classroom and teach one lesson to the entire class at the same time. In Montessori schools, teachers travel around the classroom, giving individual and small group instruction. Guides create a customized learning plan for each child based on their strengths and weaknesses.

In the classroom, Montessori guides play many different roles:

  • Serving as a role model by displaying character traits such as courtesy and respect for others
  • Forming a bond with each child to ensure that they will be successful, and that they are receiving the appropriate level of education
  • Making sure the classroom is clean and materials are easily accessible
  • Creating the perfect learning environment where children feel comfortable and accepted
  • Showing a child how to use a specific material while giving the child freedom to complete the lesson on his own
  • Developing critical thinking skills by guiding children towards the correct answer instead of just giving it the them
  • Encouraging each child to reach his or her full potential

Montessori guides are specially-trained in child development and determining what each child needs through careful observation. Guides are usually trained in both Montessori curriculum and philosophy to ensure the most authentic Montessori experience for your child.

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