Nature’s Importance in Montessori Education

In a traditional preschool, most of the learning takes place inside the classroom. However, in a Montessori preschool, being outside plays a key role in the learning process. Nature is an integral part of a Montessori education, and connecting with nature provides a child with many developmental opportunities that staying indoors simply cannot. Dr. Montessori believed that each child has an innate love for nature. A Montessori preschool provides children with the opportunity to cultivate this love by showing children the important role that nature plays in each of their lives.

An authentic Montessori preschool will:

  • Allow your child to spend time outdoors on a regular basis
  • Foster your child’s relationship with nature through healthy interactions
  • Develop your child’s sense of wonder and appreciation for nature
  • Teach your child to care for nature
  • Sharpen your child’s senses by encouraging the inner sensorial explorer
  • Provide your child with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the surrounding environment

Connecting with nature is an increasing important element of education during this day and age when children are more likely to connect to their devices. Building a relationship with nature is a crucial part of developing physical and emotional aspects of the whole child.

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