Choosing a Montessori School – Do They Strive for Academic Excellence?

When we want to determine if a school is striving for academic excellence, we simply have to look to the students. A school that is achieving excellence has students who:

  • Reflect upon performance, accepting feedback and improving their work
  • Apply and adapt knowledge and skills to new situations
  • Demonstrate solid understanding of concepts and skills
  • Possess a desire for a life-long pursuit of knowledge

In addition, students that seek academic excellence possess skills such as:

  • Careful reflection and critical thinking
  • Creative thinking and visualization
  • Effective communication through spoken and/or written word

Credible schools should have measurable results and specific examples that they can share with prospective parents to demonstrate how their school inspires academic excellence in their students. When touring and observing the students, look and listen for some of these key indicators to help you determine if the school you are considering is indeed striving for academic excellence.

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